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The point of the article isn’t to try and predict exactly how high each tax bracket will bee in the future, or exactly how the might happen. The point is to help people realize and rethink whether putting off taxes by using a qualified plan is their best option.

Its true that I don’t share a “one size fits all” strategy for protecting yourself from taxes because every person’s situation is different and an abbreviated piece of advice would do more harm than good for many people.

However, I do allude to using Roth’s and LIRP’s which can provide tax free income in the future because both can be good options. Truthfully, I like LIRP’s much better because they are much more flexible and scalable, but they need to be implemented properly to be as effective as possible.

My goal with this article is to create awareness and get people to think for themselves, not to do a sales pitch for a specific strategy. However, if you’d like to know more, or want to hear about strategies, you can always schedule a time to talk through my website: http://biglifefinancial.com

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